The Gunther is Green
Being Certified LEED™ Gold, we're the Greenest building in Baltimore!
How Did We Do It?
  • Adaptive reuse and redevelopment of a Historic Urban Brewery
  • 19Kw Solar Array on the Pilsner roof powers the entire LED garage lighting system
  • Over 95% of lighting is LED, reducing lighting energy costs by 86% versus incandescent
  • Kone Ecodisc Elevators - The most energy efficient elevators made which reduce energy use by 70%
  • Energy efficient building envelope with R30 Insulation (Except for exposed-brick areas)
  • Hand-Salvaged brick diverted waste from landfills and reduced new brick manufacturing and transportation impact
  • Designated carpool area on site and Zipcars™ on the Brewers Hill campus
  • Highly efficient (EER/SEER) heating and cooling equipment saves more than 28% over standard equipment
  • Single-stream recycling trash-chutes on every floor
  • Interior Bike storage areas
  • Smoke-Free campus
  • Motion detectors in the garage and other areas minimize lighting energy waste
  • Programmable Smart Thermostats connected to BGE PeakRewards Program for both HVAC and water heaters further reduce energy consumption
  • Improved indoor air quality through use of Low-VOC materials
  • Reduced solar heat gain and air pollution with green roof and highly reflective cool roofing material